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Comparing Eye-Tracking to 2 New Challengers

This article focuses on a self-funded study that
Perception Research Services conducted to compare
eye-tracking research to a mouse-clicking exercise
conducted via computer-based interviews and
a software algorithm intended to predict visual

Making Packaging Work Online: 5 Principles for Success

"How does our packaging look and work online?” It is a question that we’re hearing more often from our clients, in categories ranging from diapers to dog food. And certainly, it is a relevant issue, given the growing impact of Web-based shopping — and shoppers’ increasing tendencies to do “homework” online prior to visiting the store....Continue

2014 Speaking Engagements

2014 Speaking Engagements...Continue

Eye-Tracking Insights for Enhancing Shopper Marketing

Using mobile eye-tracking we can document exactly
what shoppers see (and miss) throughout their path-topurchase, including ‘macro-level’ behaviour (such as store/aisle navigation) and ‘micro-level’ actions (readership of packaging and POP materials). Here are some patterns that have emerged across countries, categories and retail channels, or what works and what does not....Continue

Press Releases
"Made in the USA" Matters to Shoppers - Including Millennials

Results from the latest shopper research survey conducted by PRS indicate that shoppers are motivated by "Made in the USA" claims on packaging as most say that they are more likely to purchase a product after noticing the "Made in the USA" claim on it. ...Continue


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