Perception Research Services (PRS) International was founded in 1972 by Elliot Young. For the past 40 years, we have conducted over 10,000 custom research studies for over 750 different clients.

While PRS is privately held and we do not disclose financial information, we are among the top 30 research firms in the world in terms of annual revenue - and among the largest of companies focusing exclusively upon custom, primary research. Since we are privately held, our focus is on serving our clients, rather than our accountants or shareholders.

At PRS, we focus exclusively on research to guide, measure and improve marketing communication - and we have conducted thousands of studies in our primary areas of expertise (packaging, point-of-sale marketing and print advertising).

  • Our range of capabilities (qualitative and quantitative) and methodologies (store-based, central location, Web-based and home-based studies) allows us to serve as a consistent partner to marketers, researchers and designers throughout the development, assessment and refinement process.
  • Our long history with PRS Eye-Tracking technology helps us to assess packaging, point-of-sale and print advertising efforts more comprehensively (and diagnostically) than any other company.
  • Our global scope allows for the use of a consistent methodology and analytical framework in multi-national packaging, advertising and point-of-sale studies, while also benefiting from local client servicing.

Most importantly, our experience and expertise allow us to serve as partners and advisors to our clients – and help us to provide marketers and creative professionals with the diagnostic insights needed to communicate more effectively.