Your Career With PRS

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Perception Research Services (PRS) offers employees a rewarding, fast paced work environment in an exciting and expanding industry. With offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Singapore, you’ll find numerous opportunities to build your career.

Since 1972, Perception Research Services has specialized in consumer research to help marketers “win at retail.”  Today, PRS conducts over 800 custom studies annually, providing a rich understanding of shoppers.  We conduct various types of research including qualitative, quantitative, in-store, online, and in-home studies

Our company is privately owned and takes pride in fostering a corporate culture that encourages growth via training and professional development. We provide reimbursement for higher education and we commonly promote from within, offering even our entry level employees an enormous opportunity for career advancement. This is reflected by our high level of employee retention, with many senior members of our staff having worked with the company for over a decade. At PRS, you’ll become more than just a researcher; you’ll become a valued and trusted industry expert.

PRS offers a comprehensive and competitive benefits package.

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The Future of Market Research

Innovation is at the very core of our business.  PRS pioneered the use of eye-tracking for consumer research, and since then we’ve been constantly seeking out the latest, cutting-edge technologies to further expand our research capabilities. Our studies go well beyond simple surveys, and our research methods provide clients with a complete picture of how consumers behave, think and feel.

We use PRS Eye-Tracking to see which products are grabbing shoppers’ attention at the store shelf. Additionally, we take this technology down the store aisle with PRS Mobile Eye-Tracking, to learn more about how shoppers interact with brands and navigate the retail environment.  PRS also immerses shoppers in an HD virtual shopping system called Virtual Aisles, and even utilizes neuroscience measures of cognition/emotion to evaluate design executions.

Global Exposure

We conduct research worldwide and have learned how cultural considerations can impact the shopping experience.  Our employees gain exposure to different parts of the world both through our research and by interacting with the diverse members of our global offices.  As we continue to expand our international presence, there are many opportunities for global assignments.  Employees will have the chance to enhance their global knowledge and skill sets, build cross-cultural capabilities, and develop leadership competencies.

Stability and Growth

For nearly 40 years, PRS has been the leader of the packaging research industry.  During that time we have developed strong and long-lasting partnerships with most of the world’s leading marketers across a broad spectrum of industries.  These include Hewlett Packard, Crayola, Target, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft Foods, and many others.

Our clients welcome our counsel and expertise as evidenced by our having been named the designated global packaging research provider by many of them.  Our recognized leadership has also been demonstrated by the awards we’ve received such as the “Strategic Partner of the Year” award granted to us by Kraft Foods for two years running, and by our steady increase of research initiatives each year.  With this consistent growth, PRS continually builds our staff of experts and professionals to meet these growing client demands.

If the prospect of working with great people at a great company, and providing unmatched service and expertise to the world’s top CPG companies appeals to you, please contact us today to learn more about working for PRS.


Sam Albert
(Senior Research Director)

“The biggest thing that I have to give PRS credit for is providing opportunities.  I started off here as an intern and was able to work my way up to a Senior Research Director.  It really just comes down to a person’s drive.  If they want to do more, there’s nobody here that says you can’t do that.  Everyone is willing to give you a shot and see how it works out.  The opportunity is always there.  Another important aspect is that there’s always somebody willing to help you or answer your questions.  PRS has an open door culture.  You can even walk down to Scott Young’s office, knock on his door and talk to him. In the end, it’s all about asking questions and taking initiative.”

Senior Research Directors are responsible for supervising an analytical team.  They are also working with clients at a strategic level and further developing those relationships as well as managing research budgets and gross contribution.

Theresa Fong-Chen,
(Assistant Studio Manager)

“I started with PRS as an Administrative Assistant.  It was right after high school and I was looking for a summer job.  I ended up working here throughout college while I was majoring in Graphic Design.  After I graduated, my plan was to work here until I found a job where I could utilize my degree.  It turns out that at the time, PRS was moving from film photography to digital photography, and they wanted to create a graphics department.  They asked me if I wanted to be a part of this new team and I accepted with great excitement.  For the past 5 years, I’ve been able to hone my skills and expand my knowledge about the graphics field.  I’ve also grown with the department and am now the Assistant Studio Manager.”

The Assistant Studio Manager is responsible for supporting and guiding the graphics team with the production of stimuli through the studio workflow. Other key responsibilities include the management of deliverables and the allocation of resources required by the studio to complete stimuli production.

Elliot Young
(Chairman & Company Founder)

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for looking at Perception Research Services.  I am excited that you are considering PRS and know that you would enjoy working in our dynamic, fast paced, fast growth environment."