Packaging Excellence Process (P.E.P.)

To help our clients “win at retail,” PRS typically gathers shopper input and feedback at three (3) points in the design process:

"Upfront" research is utilized at the start of the design/development process, in order to guide efforts by identifying key issues and objectives.

This learning can inform which packages are most in need of redesign as well as informing the design brief to ensure that the appropriate aspects are focused on


"Midstream" research is conducted after a range of concepts have been developed, in order to screen/siphon these options and guide enhancements.

PRS’ in-house, packaging-oriented moderators - who specialize in packaging - know the right questions to ask to ensure that truly meaningful insights are gathered at this stage.

In addition, by supplementing with PRS Eye-Tracking, we can provide Pack Viewing insights to further inform actionable design modifications.

Quantitative "validation" research is conducted after 1-2 "finalist" designs have been identified, in order to comprehensively assess their effectiveness and gauge their ability to meet marketing objectives.

This validation testing determines how the proposed designs will perform in market, relative to the Current design as well as competition.

Across hundreds of studies, we have found that when PRS is engaged in the early stages of design development, success rates are roughly doubled at the validation stage.