Packaging Excellence Process (P.E.P.)

Perception Research Services (PRS) is the clear global leader in packaging research.   We conduct over well over 800 custom packaging studies annually – far more than any other company – including:

  • Baseline and Check-Up   (to benchmark current packaging and guide re-design efforts)
  • Pack Discovery   (to uncover opportunities and drive pack innovation)
  • Quali-Quant   (to rapidly screen new pack structures and graphic designs)
  • On-Shelf Screening   (to identify/refine concepts likely to succeed in validation & in-market)   
  • Quantitative Validation  (via in-person interviews and/or web-based surveys)

PRS regularly conducts research regarding pack graphics and structures, for both new products and re-stages of established brands.   

We work regularly with nearly all leading packaged-goods marketers, who choose to partner with PRS for several primary reasons:

Our Specialization & Expertise in Packaging & Shopper Research

This provides for unmatched experience and normative data (from over 12,000 studies) – and links to our 40+-year commitment to providing added-value consultancy and industry thought leadership (via articles, studies, etc.) and to serving as an “expert advisor” to our clients. 

Our Proven "Toolkit" of Pack Research Tools 

This allows us to partner with our clients and their design agencies, from upfront exploration and pack development through screening and qualification of new concepts.  In addition to our validated and proprietary tools (such as PRS On-Shelf Evaluation, PRS Eye-Tracking and the PRS Packaging Performance Index), PRS continues to innovate via new techniques such as PRS Mobile Eye-Tracking and PRS Retail Labs. 


Our Global Scope & Expertise 

PRS is the primary global pack research partner to many leading CPG companies, including Unilever, Colgate and MARS, among others.  PRS replicates all core methodologies (qualitative and quantitative) globally and over 60% of our studies take place outside the U.S., served through our teams/offices in London, Geneva, Mexico City, Rome, Shanghai and Singapore. 


Recent PRS Packaging Research studies include:

  • A 5-country study to quantitatively assess/validate three (3) proposed design systems for a leading brand of personal care products    
  • PRS Quali-Quant study (conducted at a PRS Retail Lab) to screen, assess and enhance alternative packaging structures for a new juice product 
  • A Qualitative and Quantitative study (in China, Brazil and Russia) to assess a new global design system for a leading brand of biscuits  
  • A Package Check-Up study to assess Current packaging (vs. competition) for a leading suncare brand, determine whether changes were advisable and set re-design objectives   
  • A three-phased study (Package Baseline, PRS On-Shelf Screening and PRS On-Shelf Evaluation) to guide the successful re-design of a leading Femcare brand

PRS has long been committed to providing thought leadership and sharing new learning. Several recent PRS articles include: 

  • Thinking from the Inside-Out:  Enhancing the Packaging of New Products
  • Gauging Emotion in Pack Research
  • Global Goes Local: Balancing Global Consistency & Local Customization   
  • Getting the Message Right:   Improving On-Pack Messaging