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PRS offers two Quantitative Validation options to meet our clients' needs.  Our gold standard, PRS On-Shelf Evaluation, offers shopping and findability exercises, whereas, our PRS Silver Validation is more suitable for clients seeking timing and cost advantages.

  • PRS On-Shelf Evaluation
    • 1-on-1 In-Person Interviews
    • PRS Eye-Tracking of Shelf Visibility & Package Viewing 
    • Shopping & Findability Exercises from Shelf
    • Attitudinal Interview
    • In-Home Functionality & Usage (Optional Supplement)
  • Identify strongest design 
  • Gauge potential in-market impact
  • Generate guidance for design optimization prior to marketplace introduction
  • PRS Silver Validation
    • Quantitative In-Person interview using PRS Eye-Tracking of Shelf Visibility & Package Viewing Patterns
    • Quantitative Online Interview for Attitudinal Assessment of Packaging
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