PRS On-Shelf Evaluation

To accurately measure and understand shelf presence, the most actionable research results come from combining PRS Eye-Tracking (of how shoppers view the shelf) with observed shopping (of what they pick up and purchase). By documenting which products shoppers see and miss as they first encounter a product category, marketers and package designers can isolate the impact of different packaging designs on a brand’s on-shelf effectiveness. PRS On-Shelf Evaluation helps you understand the impact changes in packaging have on shoppers seeing, finding, understanding and wanting your product on-shelf.

PRS On-Shelf Evaluation is a quantitative research methodology used in hundreds of studies per year to validate Proposed packaging designs against Current brand packaging and PRS norms. This step in the research process determines whether the modified packaging design is a viable candidate for marketplace release, and is an essential final step in a packaging redesign initiative. In addition to numerically documenting the strengths/ limitations of Proposed packaging relative to Current packaging, PRS On-Shelf Evaluation also:

  • Validates the Proposed packaging within a competitive context at the point-of-sale, where most purchase decisions are made.
  • Identifies specific strengths of the new design.
  • Confirms that the system meets the brand’s original redesign objectives.
  • Uncovers any risks associated with making a packaging change among Category  users and Brand users.
  • Provides guidance for refining/ optimizing the new packaging system.
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