PRS Mobile Eye-Tracker sees what shoppers see as they shop in real or simulated stores

  • Each shopper wears a small, unobtrusive PRS Mobile Eye-Tracking unit as he/she travels down aisles and makes purchase decisions in different product categories.
  • The PRS Mobile Eye-Tracker records each person’s focal points as he/she shops and creates a videotape of the person’s shopping experience, with the shopper’s field of view and focal points.
  • PRS analyzes these videotaped shopping trips to document:
    • Involvement with specific POP displays/materials.
    • Involvement with packaging.
    • Category viewing patterns.
      • Start point, viewing flow, product comparisons, etc.

<em />PRS Mobile Eye-Tracking</em>

In addition, PRS can also conduct a Retail Reality-Check™ in-store audit to provide a visual “snapshot” of how products actually appear to shoppers in store, including documentation of the many packaging, shelving and merchandising challenges that may compromise effectiveness.

This service provides valuable insights at the beginning of the design planning process, by identifying considerations that should be factored into:

  • Development of shopper marketing strategy
  • Investments in merchandising and signage systems
  • Development of point-of-sale materials
  • Investment in new packaging systems/structures
  • Creation of design briefs

Retail Reality-Check™ can further enhance the learning derived from Shopping-Eyes™ by revealing challenges, implications and opportunities for both Shopper Marketing and Packaging.

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