Structural DiscoveryTM

Structural Discovery is PRS’ qualitative technique for driving structural packaging innovation.  

In-home ethnographic interviews, and focus-group sessions are utilized in concurrently,  to:

  • Understand the Packaging Lifecycle (From Purchase to Disposal)
  • Identify Issues and Opportunities for Innovation
  • Document the Importance/Value of Different Packaging Features
  • Uncover Drivers of Packaging Excellence (Imagery & Functionality)

The learning uncovered from this pre-design research is used to allocate investments, inform design briefs and generate a “springboard” of ideas to feed the development process for new structural solutions.

In addition, PRS can also conduct a Retail Reality-Check™ in-store audit to provide a visual “snapshot” of how products actually appear to shoppers in store, including documentation of the many packaging, shelving and merchandising challenges that may compromise effectiveness.

Retail Reality-Check™ can further enhance the learning derived from Structural DiscoveryTM by revealing challenges, implications and opportunities for both Shopper Marketing and Packaging.

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