Qualitative PathfinderTM

Qualitative Pathfinder™ is PRS’ approach to gathering shopper feedback and screening a broad range of packaging, merchandising or branding concepts early in the creative process.  This research typically serves to identify the strongest directions and to provide guidance for expanding and optimizing these concepts prior to additional research. 

Issues typically explored in Qualitative Pathfinder™ research programs include:

  • Category Shopping Behavior & Purchase Decision Processes
  • Visual Equities & Design Language Within Categories
  • Exploration of Individual Design Elements 
  • Reactions to Proposed Concepts, in the Context of Competition

In addition, PRS often complements Qualitative Pathfinder™ with PRS Eye-Tracking in order to address an issue that is not accurately gauged via group discussion: Initial viewing patterns and communication hierarchy.  Viewing patterns are gathered as a diagnostic measure, to:

  • Determine if layouts are consistent with the intended communication hierarchy  
  • Confirm that key elements (claims, etc.) are even seen
  • Help explain weaknesses revealed through the qualitative research

PRS Eye-Tracking is conducted with quantitative sample and in parallel with the qualitative research, so that findings can be reported simultaneously.

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