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“Starting with the Shopper,” the latest book by PRS’ Scott Young, shares insights, case studies and “lessons learned” from thousands of studies.

Also, PRS will be conducting a series of webinars that will share key learnings from the book.

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Conveying "Real" at the ShelfIncreasingly, younger shoppers are looking for more real and authentic products - and rejecting items that they perceive to be artificial, processed, or mass-produced. In this article, we share insights (including recent academic research) for ensuring that both packaging appearance and claims work to "send the right messages" about product quality, authenticity and health benefits. Click to learn more
Conveying "Real" at the Shelf
Time for a Packaging Change?Benchmark your current packaging to guide successful redesigns. Click to learn more
Time for a Packaging Change?
Best Practices in Retail-Product PackagingThis white paper addresses some of the design, shopper, communication and project management challenges posed by a very special category of packaging; one so special that different organizations refer to it by different names "secondary" packaging ... "shelf-ready" packaging ... "retail-product" packaging ... or as one marketing chief put it, "packaging that lands at retail and actually does something to help sell the product."  Click to learn more
Best Practices in Retail-Product Packaging

Thinking from the "Outside In"Link insights and breakthrough packaging to drive new product success. Click to learn more
Thinking from the "Outside In"

How to make an in-store connection with Hispanic shoppersIn this article, PRS relate several observations that have emerged consistently across studies and speak to their implications for screening with Hispanics. Click to learn more
How to make an in-store connection with Hispanic shoppers
Emotional measurement and packaging research - What we've learned so farPRS offer guidelines for incorporating emotional measurement within packaging and shopper studies. Click to learn more
Emotional measurement and packaging research - What we've learned so far
Z: The New Generation of ShoppersTo understand how Gen Z differs from the Millennials who came before them, Shopper Marketing queried multiple consumer packaged goods professionals and solution providers to get a deeper understanding of this segment and hear how companies are adjusting their marketing lenses. Click to learn more
Z: The New Generation of Shoppers
Packaging for BoomersBoomers, on the other hand, are a very large group with lots of money to spend, and they also have tremendously unmet needs when it comes to CPG products — primarily via the packaging. Specifically, as Boomers age, their ability to open packages and read labels diminishes. By addressing these basic challenges, marketers could readily create a meaningful point of difference for their brands — something widely sought, but rarely achieved. Click to learn more
Packaging for Boomers
Connecting with the Hispanic ShopperAt Perception Research Services (PRS), we regularly conduct research studies with Hispanic shoppers, in both English and Spanish and across a variety of locations (actual stores, PRS Retail Labs, via the web, etc.). Often, we’re asked to share insights for effective shopper marketing with this growing segment, on issues ranging from multi-lingual labeling to compelling new product offerings and appropriate imagery and messaging for in-store displays. Click to learn more
Connecting with the Hispanic Shopper

Consumer Research Eye-Tracking Technlogy for MarketersInterview conducted by CEO CFO with PRS' Scott Young Click to learn more
Consumer Research Eye-Tracking Technlogy for Marketers
How is China Different? Insights for Effective Chinese PackagingHow is packaging different in China, relative to our experience across the world? With this reasonable and relevant question in mind, we’d like to share several observations about Chinese shoppers, stores and packages - and perhaps discuss their implications for developing effective packaging and “winning at retail.” Click to learn more
How is China Different? Insights for Effective Chinese Packaging
Making the Case for PackagingAs marketers, designers and engineers, we all face a common challenge: How do we persuade senior management to invest in packaging? Many of us know from experience that this is often an uphill battle as organizations weigh tangible costs and perceived risks against uncertain returns. In addition, pack innovation often runs against the deeply ingrained caution of individual executives who may feel that they have been burned in the past. Click to learn more
Making the Case for Packaging


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