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PRS professionals regularly publish articles in Advertising Age, The Design Management Journal, Brand Packaging, Quirk’s Marketing Research, Package Design Magazine, Shelf Impact!, among many other publications.

These articles and white papers share insights and "lessons learned" from thousands of packaging, point-of-sale and print advertising studies conducted on a global level.

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PLEASE NOTE: all articles are listed in chronological order. If there is a particular question, issue, or topic of interest that is not addressed in these articles, contact us directly and we will respond shortly.

Recent Insights

    Comparing Eye-Tracking to 2 New Challengers

    This article focuses on a self-funded study that Perception Research Services conducted to compare eye-tracking research to a mouse-clicking exercise conducted via computer-based interviews and a software algorithm intended to predict visual attention. ...Continue

    Making Packaging Work Online: 5 Principles for Success

    "How does our packaging look and work online?” It is a question that we’re hearing more often from our clients, in categories ranging from diapers to dog food. And certainly, it is a relevant issue, given the growing impact of Web-based shopping — and shoppers’ increasing tendencies to do “homework” online prior to visiting the store....Continue

    Eye-Tracking Insights for Enhancing Shopper Marketing

    Using mobile eye-tracking we can document exactly what shoppers see (and miss) throughout their path-topurchase, including ‘macro-level’ behaviour (such as store/aisle navigation) and ‘micro-level’ actions (readership of packaging and POP materials). Here are some patterns that have emerged across countries, categories and retail channels, or what works and what does not. ...Continue

    Getting the Most from Eye-Tracking - Best Practices and New Applications

    Over the past five years, there’s been an explosion in the availability and use of eye-tracking in consumer research, for applications ranging from packaging research to copy testing and web usability. This is clearly a positive development, as more marketers, designers and agencies have come to recognise and benefit from its added value....Continue

    Do people still try to 'Buy American?'

    Is the "Made in the USA" tag important to shoppers?...Continue

    Shopper Research Shows Concern for the Environment is Universal, But Attitudes and Behaviors Differ by Country

    Perception Research Services (PRS), a packaging and shopper research firm, recently conducted a survey among 1,515 shoppers across Germany, China, and the US to gauge perceptions of environmentally friendly packaging. The results generally showed Germany being the most sensitive to environmental concerns, with China and the US offering a mixed bag of attitudes and behaviors. But some discrepancies were revealed....Continue

    Improving the Pack-Screening Process

    At PRS, we are fortunate to partner with many leading CPG companies on packaging validation. If there’s one question that we are asked most frequently, it is some variation of the following: “How can we increase the likelihood that new packaging systems meet action standards and are recommended for introduction?” ...Continue

    Marketing Your Product Online: 4 Key Steps

    At Perception Research Services, we recently conducted a study of online shopping behavior, using eye-tracking and a series of in-depth interviews, to understand how packaging can maximize brand effectiveness online. ...Continue

    Using Consumer Research To Document the Value of Package Design

    As clients increasingly recognise the power of package design, they also demand greater accountability. Evidently, survey research needs to fully and accurately document the value of design....Continue

    Maximising the Return on Investment with New Packaging Launches

    In our packaging research studies, we constantly see the power of structural innovation in terms of enhancing shelf visibility, differentiating brands from competition and improving customer satisfaction (via improved functionality)....Continue


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