Measuring Emotion

At PRS, we believe that to accurately gauge in-market performance, one must measure behavior. And to understand behavior, one must go beyond what shoppers say because, while useful, it can be limited or even misleading.

Our pioneering use of Eye-Tracking was one such step – allowing us to determine what shoppers actually see rather than relying on them to report what they think they saw.

Similarly, understanding how a shopper feels about stimuli offers an additional layer of clarification and explanation about why they behave as they do. Measuring their emotions is especially useful in those cases in which they may be unwilling or unable to articulate their true feelings.

Our partners at SensoryLogic gauge emotional reactions via facial coding through the following non-invasive method:

  • Record respondents while they view stimuli during:
    • focus groups
    • online studies
    • in-person interviews
  • Trained experts analyze the videos to determine the underlying emotional response to stimuli.
    • 43 muscles and 23 action units – combinations of facial muscle activity – are studied on a second-by-second basis.

Facial Coding Output

  • Appeal – the level of likability as expressed by the type of emotional response – designated as positive, negative or neutral.
  • Engagement – the volume of emoting per person. Moderate engagement denotes the average level.

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