PRS Eye-Tracking

PRS Eye-Tracking documents exactly what people see (and ignore) as they shop product categories or consider individual packages, point-of-sale displays or print advertisements.

This technology allows PRS to measure the ability of packaging and signage systems to break through clutter and gain consideration ("shelf impact"). It also documents the ability of packages and advertisements to hold attention and lead shoppers/readers to key marketing messages.

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PRS Eye-Tracking provides value on both an evaluative and diagnostic level:

  • It is an important criterion in evaluating different creative options
    • Which option more consistently generates retail visibility and drives shoppers’ involvement
  • It is a valuable tool in understanding why certain designs or approaches are not effective
    • Do shoppers see, consider and reject the message…or is it never seen and read?

Forty years ago, PRS pioneered the use of eye-tracking in marketing communications research. Today, we remain the leader in its practice, as we conduct hundreds of quantitative PRS Eye-Tracking studies annually in the U.S., Canada, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

PRS now offers two different forms of eye-tracking technology, which are used for different purposes:

  • Traditional PRS Eye-Tracking (of retail visibility and package viewing patterns) is used in central location studies, as part of an "on-shelf assessment" to test Proposed packaging, merchandising or shelving systems prior to their introduction
  • PRS Mobile Eye-Tracking is used in retail stores – or in central locations, as people shop from physical shelf sets – typically as part of a larger "shopper insights" study, to better understand shopping behavior (decision making processes, involvement with packaging and POS materials, etc.)
    • PRS Mobile Eye-Tracking can also be used to measure the effectiveness of POS merchandising materials that have already been placed in stores

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