PRS Retail Lab

The PRS Retail Lab is a full service retail testing and innovation center located in Teaneck, NJ (15 miles from midtown Manhattan) and Skokie, IL (15 miPRS Retail Lables from Chicago).  It features:

  • A 4,500 square foot space that is fully customizable to meet specific client and retailer needs
  • 5 customizable Store Aisles (up to 32 feet long), including gondolas, bins, refrigerated & frozen sections; end caps & displays and a front end check-out area
  • Large, private viewing room for client observation  
  • State-of-the-Art technology, including:
    • PRS Mobile Eye-Tracking of shopping trips
    • Ceiling Mounted cameras/HD Video for full 360° viewing of the store
  • Dedicated interview/Focus Group Room

The PRS Retail Lab is the ideal facility for:

  • Conducting In-Aisle Shopper Research 
  • Assessing New Approaches to Packaging, POS and Category Management 
  • Gauging Reactions to New Products
  • Leading Ideation & Co-Creation Sessions 
  • Holding Meetings with Retail Partners


 PRS' team of in-house moderators, analysts, eye-tracking and graphic specialists will manage all aspects of PRS Retail Lab studies.

PRS Retail Lab

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