Shopper Research

Since 1972, Perception Research Services has specialized in research to help marketers "win at retail" by:

  • Understanding the Shopper Journey
  • Enhancing Shopper Marketing

PRS believes in combining behavioral observation of shoppers (via eye-tracking and observed shopping) with attitudinal feedback (via follow-up in-depth interviewing) to understand shopper behavior and assess/enhance marketing communication.

PRS conducts over 800 shopper studies annually, utilizing a range of research methodologies, including:

  • In-store research (using PRS Mobile Eye-Tracking)
  • Qualitative ideation & screening (at PRS Retail Labs)
  • Quantitative studies (via in-person interviews or web-based surveys)
  • In-home and digital ethnographic studies

PRS regularly applies all core methodologies globally (via regional offices in London, Geneva, Shanghai, Singapore, Rome and Mexico City), to provide our clients with consistent solutions across markets.

Our focus on “winning at retail” and our scope of research capabilities allows PRS to serve as an “expert advisor” from initial research (to guide communication efforts) through screening and validation (to assess and enhance new shopper marketing efforts).


 Recent PRS Shopper Research studies include:

  • An in-store study (across 3 countries and 8 retail channels) to help a technology marketer optimize in-store marketing communication via packaging, POS and product displays
  • PRS Quali-Quant study (at a PRS Retail Lab) to screen, assess and enhance alternative packaging and POS display options for a leading beverage brand
  • A quantitative study (with PRS Mobile Eye-Tracking) to pre-test the impact of 3 alternative aisle configurations on visibility, shopability and purchase patterns for personal care products 
  • An in-store study to uncover differences in shopping behavior between more and less Acculturated Hispanic shoppers in the oral care aisle
  • An in-store study (conducted jointly for a candy/gum manufacturer and leading retailer) to optimize in-store marketing and increase sales during the check-out process
  • An online study (using PRS Mobile Eye-Tracking) to understand and optimize the online shopping experience for a leading toy marketer  

PRS has long been an industry thought leader, at the forefront of sharing new technologies and actionable insights.  Several recent articles include: